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Independent record label from the south east of England

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Track Name: Dead Wood
My insecurities have led to me to believe,
that i’m in love with my own self doubt
and I find comfort in self destruction
Maybe one day someone will discover all the parts of us
that we will learn just in time.
We all wilt and rise.
We fight ourselves as we refuse to believe
That we’re powerful beings with the right to see
And dead wood
Rotten branches
Lay heavy
They lay stagnant
No past no future we are just today
Our choices are present in the paths we will make
No past No future
We are just today
We all will wilt And we all We all will rise
Maybe one day we will learn just in time
Find you heart and regain your strength Intertwine with the lives that give us truth
And If your heart is heavy put it to use
Track Name: Scripted
All the people that we used to love
Have found life in every word
And every line
That we choose to speak Is carefully scripted because we are afraid of the same story repeating
Exaggerating every single sentence is scripted because we’re afraid to live
The same life again
And when we try to put this to the back of our minds
It always finds its way back, again
And every sentence is scripted because we’re afraid
We’re afraid
A gaze
A stare so composed
With expectation
Reassure me please
Track Name: Open Arms
There’s a turmoil brewing
My arms are open wide
And I’m standing in the storm path
Tranquil in my stride
There are too many stories behind the lines of my skin I’m wearing it thick
But they’re wearing me thin
Compulsion draws me in
Compulsion draws us under
We strive to search
But we’re never really sure
Of what we’re looking for
We strive to search
But we’re losing ourselves
Lost in the process
Never lose sight of what it is to lose it all
These eyes, hide, these eyes, show nothing
But I’ll never lose sight of what it is to lose it all
Track Name: Survival
I’m slowly irrelevant fast becoming a fiction-based content
My ligaments are ornaments. I’ve lost all of my meaningless words Sleepless walker has nothing left to say
Sleepless walker lives in dreams of waste
Pull yourself back together just to be torn back apart
But the ground is coming there’s no time to restart
As horizons bent over skylines I find myself dissatisfied with time
As power lines fell closer in a circular dismay sometimes things are better off left grey
I am reminded of my survival each and every day
I am decay
Repeated and reversed
Dispersed and converged
Living backwards through a rabid sense of urge
I am a habitat
Housing each and every burden that strangles all of our desires and your positivity is devastating me
Track Name: Branches
I’m twisting my spine
To understand
How satisfaction is found and why
Each day is spent in this fabric daydream
These moments are timeless
Yet we count them as insignificant as we find breath
These moments are so ageless
They become as significant as we find death
As my back arches forward
And my head follows forth I’m recollecting my worth I find myself waiting The trees they’re burning
The leaves are wilting
We are the branches
We are the branches.
Track Name: White Horse
I am the white horse
I am the white horse
That staggers on for miles so fearlessly
Planting each step so gracelessly
To a beloved pace
Of an unforgivable nerve and an unforgettable ache
A voyage of thirst
With a white water appetite
A tendency that I will take instinctually
Wander on, drift gracelessly
As it wanders on, I’m wondering
Where does it drift to? Where do we begin? I’ll leave a trail of footprints in the sea I’ll leave a trail of footprints
They will never be seen
The trees remain still
Throughout the glimmer of the sun I am the white horse
I’ll leave footprints
I’ll leave a trail
I’ll leave footprints
I’ll leave a trail
Track Name: Respite
There’s no respite
You’re embedded in my veins
And you burden my troubled sunken eyes
I never thought I’d find a life that truly rewarded me
Leave me alone here I need to delve within
Beneath a suffering sense of solace
A consuming taste for sin
Fractured old aged bones
The jealous sympathy of lowbred curiosity Is naturally declining
Living from lessons that turmoil teaches me
Track Name: Wildfire
From every single heartbeat that pulses
The life through our veins
The sentiment is feeding
The sentiment is breeding
Time is of the essence and we must pursue so carefully
Freedom’s our existence yet we choose to live so cautiously
There’s a fire slowly burning
Without wind it’s un-consuming
Give me the caution
Balance with desire
There’s an urge for the yearning
Our fingers are held like vines
Wildfire, it’s coming
Track Name: Waterfalls
Submerged in distortion I’m drenched and I am smothered
Existing in abundance
My insides have hollowed away
Cascading at such a tender pace
It hovers around me
And reoccurs proudly
Overflow and overrun
Reoccur, overcome
Under noise
Sometimes I feel like I’m a waterfall
The waters wrapped around me
In such perfect symmetry
Whilst I’m drowning in the falls I’m drowning out the noise
Overflow overrun
Reoccur, overcome
Whilst I’m drowning in the falls I’m drowning out the noise