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Independent record label from the south east of England

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Track Name: Departures - A Song For The Sunset
with baited breath, waiting for the promise of something more, feet unsteady, not so sure, with baited breath and
looking over the edge, stare at everything that i used to be, i learned the art of keeping secrets from everyone i know,
i’ve learned to keep my broken promises, keep them inside and let them grow, i can’t keep looking forward, without
staring back behind, there are so many things, that i should forget and not keep them locked inside, falling back in love
with all that doubt i used to feel, it wrapped me up so tightly, those darkened days they always shine the brightest,
in their own imperfect way, those darker days they always shine the brightest, in my faulty memory, i can’t live within,
i don’t want to live without, collecting all these memories and throwing them all out, i can’t live within, don’t want to live
without, collecting all these memories and throwing them out, watch as it all falls back into place, i need to keep living
in this feeling of grace, everything comes full circle
Track Name: Departures - Closing Doors
five more steps and i’ll leave this home, i won’t be coming back and deep down i know, that this will be the last time,
and time is running slow, and every footstep that i take makes the loudest sound, closing doors to empty rooms, this
isn’t how i pictured it to be, this is where i used to daydream all my days away, filling in the blanks with stolen
memories, the constant light that i used to stare at outside my window starts to flicker, it can’t be running away, if
there’s nowhere left to run to, it’s just i’ve found another way to get to where i need to be, step outside leaving for the
last time, the air is so much colder than it used to be, that night air it closes in on me, and as i breathe out i can feel
the end beginning, try not to shake as i turn and lock in the door, locking away a life that i fought so hard for, but as
i’m walking away, i know the night belongs to me, this night belongs to me
Track Name: Moose Blood - Stay Here
stay in bed all day, waste the hours away, stay here till the morning with you calling out my name, it’s raining outside,
it’s colder in here, take off all your clothes and let me kiss behind your ear, we got drunk again, you and all my friends,
tell them that you’re okay, hurry and get undressed, turn the lights down low, turn the tv on, tell terrible jokes and listen
to terrible songs, turn the lights down low, take off all of your clothes, stay in this room forever, don’t ever let me go,
i never thought i’d say forever again, i thought i knew better, i never thought i’d call anyone mine for a while at least
i never thought i’d say forever again, i thought i knew better, but the way you hold my hand and don’t know anything
about records
Track Name: Moose Blood - Girl
i said my hands are heavy and my breathing’s getting loud, you are the best thing darling, this side of town, let’s take
a walk outside, let me borrow your lighter and share a cigarette, i’ve had far too much wine, let’s make tonight a night
we won’t forget, i wanna be your noah, i’m gonna be i just know it, i know you’re freezing girl, i know you feel
homesick but i’ll kiss your body just to make you get over it, this place is closing, we drunk the pumps dry, stay with
me tonight, stay with me tonight