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by Alaska/ End Reign

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released October 31, 2010



all rights reserved


FITA Records UK

Independent record label from the south east of England

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Track Name: Alaska - Mark Of Life
Deep breaths replaced by the silence of all evil
as the spirit of Death will grow.
This world is only the grounds of all evil,
a place to take lifein its hands

The blackest skies can't withdraw what we see
and spread the curse we all suffer

Believe, believe the darkest parts
and destroy your soul

As crows fly and eagles die
you mean nothing to me

Place the mark of life
Track Name: Alaska - Gold Blood
Gold blood, stone veins
In His name you will be slain
Grey skies and seeing eyes
Forget the words that have scarred my life
Forget these lifeless hearts
and blackened faces
Only I will know
Only I will know these places

Constantly swallowing
the tip of my tongue

From the grave of the dying son
Breaks a curse that will come undone
Many words left unsung
you will not hear

Soon enough you will get to see
what this world was always meant to be
Don't spit, you're already dead
Take a leaf of this life you led
Gold blood
Track Name: End Reign - Release The Wolves
Cleanse the blood from our hands, purify the earth, release the wolves. Hell is raised, no turning back, grass is charred, the skies turn black.

May fire fall from the sky, all will be destroyed. Structures collapse, idols fall, the age of man is no more. Destroy. Release the wolves, cleanse the blood from our hands. Purify the earth, release the wolves, fires burn, flesh is mauled, earth is purified, release the wolves.
Track Name: End Reign - Paradise
The actions you take, the lies you say, will be your major downfall.
Our eyes are clear, we see your plan, now it's our turn to act.
I'll rip out your throat, so you speak no more, your serpent tongue won't tell another lie.
We'll watch you rot and watch to descend to the realm below.
You're a slave to the flame now, the devils bitch, is this not what you expected?
Is this not what your book told?
Tears of blood stream from your eyes, take this vial, collect your tears.
Drink the blood, cleanse your soul, this is your paradise, he is your master.
This is your paradise, there is no saviour. This is your paradise.